I'm a bit of a diva and a princess.
I want to travel and experience the world.

Who would have thought those two sentences could be at odds with each other?

I don’t want to see the world from an ivory tower and I love meeting new people.

I love five star hotels for the luxury rooms and being pampered, just how a princess should be treated but no one seems to move out of their own insular groups there, and I’m often left with no one to speak to.  Even the staff are being too professional to have a casual chat with me.

I love hostels for the interesting people you meet along the way, yet I dislike having to take the top lumpy bunk bed.  I’m sure they put a pea under the mattress on purpose.  (Wrong fairytale?)

I’m currently making the most of my holidays and aspiring to take the plunge and quit my desk, so I can float around the earth like a free spirit.

For a female solo traveller who likes luxury and meeting new people at the same time, it’s a tough life.  I’m still trying different travel experiences, and currently I’m finding that small group tours mean I end up with the best of both worlds.